Celebrity Travel Addicts: Jessica Festa of Jessie on a Journey

We talk on a Journey the traveling blogger supporting Jessie, with Jessica Festa. We talk with her on how her love for traveling was sparked, the travel blogging her favourite destinations around the Earth, and a lot more! Find out where she’s headed next what things to do in her native New York City if ….  Read More

VIDEO: The Historical Charles Bridge: Czech Republic, Prague

David’s been here brings you to one of Prague’s main structures and best tourist sites — the Charles Bridge. Constructed between the 14th and 15th centuries, that this bridge spanning the Vltava River was once the sole point of relation between the Castle District and the Old Town. Have a walk along the gothic pedestrian bridge using ….  Read More

VIDEO: Where to Dine Outside in Veliko Tarnovo: Shtastliveca Restaurant

David’s Been This is currently touring all of the sites and best restaurants . To get a gorgeous night out at Shtastliveca Restaurant, we are brought by David in this event. Serving up both classic continental and Bulgarian cuisine, customers are guaranteed to walk away satisfied. With worldwide wine list and an superb Bulgarian, fun ….  Read More

15 Things to Do in Belgrade, Serbia

Located where in the meeting place of the Sava and Danube Rivers is the capital and largest city in Serbia, Belgrade. There is a wide variety of things to do in Belgrade that will strike your fancy, along with your own itinerary of places to visit what to do can be adjusted depending upon your ….  Read More

15 Things to See in Petra

Nestled at the slopes of Mount Hor, Petra is a historical city, carved out of the very mountains in.  Dubbed the Rose-Red City for its colour of the surrounding sand rock rocks, Petra was originally built from the 6th century BC for a capital city for its Nabataean men and women. They created a complex ….  Read More

Things to Do from the Dead Sea, Jordan

The famed Dead Sea is actually. In 1,388 feet below 1,237 ft deep and sea level, this sea will be your lowest point of elevation to the lake of its kind, and the planet’s surface. Using a 33 percent salt material, it is roughly nine times saltier than your ocean. The high salt content prevents ….  Read More

72 Hours in Latvia

During my trip to Finland, I had the opportunity to attend a 72 hour post trip to Latvia courtesy of this Blogger Experience, that I was invited as a speaker to talk about videos. Riga Climb St. Peters Church Sigulda See the Central Market It’s but one of the 3 Baltic states, along with Estonia and Lithuania, ….  Read More

Touring the Ancient Theaters

Rhodes holds an abundance of background for those who search it. Seeing these ruins is a fantastic experience. Kamiros Short History of Ancient Rhodes Around 1100 B.C., the Dorians defeated the island of Rhodes and thereafter inaugurated the 3 principal prehistoric cities: Kamiros, Ialyssos, and Lindos. The island changed hands a few times, and as ….  Read More

Top 5 Things To Do Bitola, Macedonia

Bitola is the second largest city in Macedonia having a history dating back into the middle of the 4th century B.C. Back then it was called the ancient world as Heraclea Lyncestis, a town situated by Phillip II of Macedon (father of Alexander the Great). Because of this, Bitola is the earliest town in the ….  Read More