VIDEO: Things to See and Where to Eat in Burgas, Bulgaria

David takes us one of the most amazing cities in the Black Sea shore of Bulgaria, about Burgas to give us a short intro on what to see and where to eat in Burgas. Burgas is a town. If you crave the beach or purchasing, there is something in Burgas for everybody. You ought to ….  Read More

VIDEO: Surinamese Indian Food Will Blow Your Head! | Paramaribo, Suriname

Check out the Top Five Things to Do in Galibi, Suriname Following an eventful day at Browns-Mountain in Suriname, I headed back to Paramaribo’s capital to begin the next leg of my Surinamese experience. As we make the journey from Brownsweg into 11, join us and appreciate an Surinamese Indian food dinner! Take a Look ….  Read More

VIDEO: Touring the Sites of San Jose, Costa Rica: A Walk Through El Mercado

David’s Been Here is touring around the capital of San Jose, looking for the city’s very best attractions and destinations of Costa Rica. Here David presents a movie into your capital’s central market, El Mercado, where it is possible to walk through the boundless stalls and sellers to find out that souvenir. With everything from ….  Read More

VIDEO: The Finest Central Stay in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria: Uniqato Hotel

David’s Been This is touring accommodation options and all of the best websites in the town of Stara Zagora. In this movie, David tours and speaks with the small, posh Uniqato Hotel’s director. Found in the center of the town boasts quarters, unique interior/exterior & a gorgeous and an hospitable staff. Try one of the ….  Read More

Travel Guidelines of Vaping

Vaping is. In my travels I’ve come across hundreds of people who vape, which is essentially drinking water vapor through a personal vaporizer (AKA e-cigarette). What is Vaping? Can I Take My E-Cig on an Airplane? It is an alternative to smoking cigarettes — it doesn’t involve fire smells, or dirty ashtrays to clean out. ….  Read More

VIDEO: Experience the Ma Du Zi Design Hotel in Bangkok

David’s Been Here is touring all of the best lodging options and best places to stay in Bangkok, Thailand. Within this short movie, David is in central Bangkok’s Asok region, in which he tours the boutique Ma Du Zi Hotel. This Thai family managed and owned resort, A luxurious stay focuses on service and hospitality ….  Read More

How to Ride the Bullet Train in Japan

No trip through Japan is complete without a trip on one of its Shinkansen bullet trains. But for tourists who do not speak the language, figuring out how to ride the bullet train in Japan is still a frequent problem they come across in the months prior to their trip when they’re building their itinerary, ….  Read More