Assessing the Demilitarized Zone: My DMZ Spy Tour

Arguably one of those fascinating places in the world among travelers is the famous Korean Demilitarized Zone or DMZ. I was fortunate enough to visit with this mysterious area. The tour began in the capital town of Seoul and required us to the north reaches of South Korea, including an onsite military foundation. What is the DMZ? ….  Read More

A Guide to Conventional and Classic Foods

Greek cuisine has a long history and is well known for its wide selection of dishes, to syrupy pastries and fresh fish, from zesty salads and grilled meats. As the southernmost state in Europe, mainland Greece and the islands experience a Mediterranean climate perfect for farming and viticulture. Introduction to Cuisine Traditional Seafood Platter Classic ….  Read More

6 Cities When Traveling Japan You Need to Watch

Japan is undeniably one of the most unique countries in the world. Its rich tradition and historical roots are widespread during the conventional cities, seen in between the cities that are technologically advanced. Kyoto Takayama There’s a wholesome balance of the old and the newest where you decide to visit, with ancient temples and gardens ….  Read More

Celebrity Travel Addict: Carlos de Varona of Chromahouse

For today’s Celebrity Travel Addicts Q&A we interview traveling friend, my friend, and cinematographer, Carlos de Varona of all Chromahouse Productions. You may recognize him from a few of my episodes (he filmed several hundred of them also has made some cameo appearances throughout the decades ). When he’s not traveling with me Here, Carlos is busy working ….  Read More

Everything to Watch in Transnistria

On the United Nations, Transnistria is the most part of Moldova, situated on the border of Ukraine. It is about 75% of the size of Delaware, a strip, and believing that it is in a region of the world, a person might think that a record of everything will be short. History and Army Museum ….  Read More

VIDEO: the Most Famous Monastery of Rila Bulgaria

David’s Been Here is vacationing all of the websites and must-visit attractions in Bulgaria. David brings us only beyond Sofia into the century Rila Monastery. The Eastern Orthodox Monastery in Bulgaria and Southern Europe, Rila has an eclectic, lively exterior that’s complemented by an interior filled with stunning artwork and historical depictions.  Make the trip ….  Read More

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Jewels Rhode of All travelJewels

With Jewels Rhode, a world traveler in New York who records her adventures, we speak Within this edition of Celebrity Travel Addicts. We chat with Jewels concerning how the media misrepresentation of a country played a part in igniting her love of traveling, why traveling equals wellbeing for her, and the things! Check the items ….  Read More

VIDEO: The Best Things to See & Do in Bursa, Turkey

Combine David’s Been Here as they explore top destinations and all of the sites in Turkey. In this video, we are brought by David . Located in the northwest corner of the country (only south of Istanbul), Bursa was the first capital of the Ottoman Empire and now thrives among the country’s most industrialized cities. ….  Read More

VIDEO: Heavenly Daal & Naan + Touring Fortresses at Jaipur

During my second day at Jaipur, Rajasthan I headed out to visit the remaining two fortresses, Jaigarh Fort and Nahargarh Fort. During my trip to Nahargarh fort I had some of the very best daal and naan I’ve ever had! I started by driving up to Jaigarh Fort. This is was the only fortress in ….  Read More