What to See and Do in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

The City of Stara Zagora is Located at the Base of the Sredna Gora Mountain range in central Bulgaria. With a background spanning over 8,000 decades, Stara Zagora is among the oldest settlements of Europe. Brief History What to See and Do The city is small, but definitely worthy of two or three days dedicated ….  Read More

Things to See in Lugo, Spain

Lugo is the capital city of the province of Lugo. It is a lively hub of gastronomy, academia and history. Lugo is the only town on earth to be surrounded by completely complete walls. Here you will learn about what to see from Lugo! The Old City Walls This commanding fortress that is urban is ….  Read More

How to Choose the Narita Express

A visit to Japan is a massive occasion. The food is out of the world, that the culture is like no other over the planet, and tens of thousands of ancient heritage which you are able to explore about the island and years of history will render you speechless. But before you get to all ….  Read More

VIDEO: An Evening in Girona, Costa Brava

In this event David reveals us everything you can do in a day at Girona, Spain. Girona has waterfront boulevards that are charming and a magnificent town. Spending a day at Girona will disclose ancient history and its exquisite architecture. The very best part is that it’s just 60 km north of Barcelona and easily reached ….  Read More

VIDEO: Introduction into the Kinyarwanda Speech

David’s Been Here is bringing you all the info until you see you will need to understand about Rwanda, Africa. In this video, Amani and David present some of the fundamentals in the Rwandan language, Kinyarwanda. Whether ask how much things cost, you are looking to say hello to locals, or rattle off several fundamentals, ….  Read More

The Top 5 Islands from the Philippines

You will find more than 7,000 islands in the Philippines. There’s not any way locals have seen them all. Not just as they are many, however, some are inhabitable. However, there are a couple that each tourist needs to add to their itinerary for their trip to the Philippines. Here are the best 5 of ….  Read More

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Hannah Martin of All Intrepid Introvert

With Hannah Martin out of Intrepid-Introvert we talk During this Celebrity Travel Addicts Q & A. We learn about how this New Zealander produced a nomadic life for themself (and how you can perhaps do it also ). Check out some of her favorite destinations and where she is going to next! Bio: How did ….  Read More

Chinese Bullet Train Guide: Shanghai Edition

While the Shanghai Maglev train is a way to travel between the town and Shanghai Pudong International Airport, it’s not. You’ll need to familiarize yourself with bullet trains using our Chinese bullet train guide, to travel economically around China. What is the Bullet Train? Shanghai to Suzhou Take a Look at the 15 Things Eat and ….  Read More

Korean Foods You Have To Eat in Daegu, South Korea

I had no idea the treat my taste buds were all about to encounter, As soon as I traveled to South Korea in May of 2019. I had discovered that Korean food was good, and I had even tried several before, for example during my trip to Japan earlier in the year. More on that ….  Read More

Top Things to Do at the Cameron Highlands

Long ago, the Cameron Highlands were seen as an out-of-the-way place in Malaysia, an area isolated from rainforests and the Asian jungles. Although the British were able to split a road through the jungle that allowed William Cameron to learn more about the mountains in northwest Malaysia in 1885, it was only in 1925 that ….  Read More