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VIDEO: Top Shopping in the Czech Republic: Pa?ížská Street, Prague

David brings us into one of the most wealthy streets in Prague: Pa?ížská Street. Named and modeled after Paris, this road is home to all the world’s top brands, from Louis Vuitton into Gucci, in addition to Prague’s millionaires, billionaires, and obviously, David himself (one day?) . Whether shopping or just walking by, situated beside ….  Read More

VIDEO: The Caves of Hercules at Northern Morocco

David’s Been Here transports one to Morocco at which David ventures past Tangier to find from the city. 1 stop that could not be missed was the Caves of Hercules(Les Grottes d’Hercule), a natural wonder steeped in legend. The Caves of Hercules are a favorite day trip from Tangier (just about 30 minutes by car). ….  Read More

VIDEO: Mouth Watering Gulf Coast Seafood Dishes at Naples

Naples, Florida is famous for it’s mouth watering gulf coast seafood dishes! My father and I visited with two of the greatest restaurants in Naples! We drove to Naples, which is a short 2 hour drive crossing over the Everglades National Park. After we arrived we went directly to Grouper and Chips, a restaurant that ….  Read More

VIDEO: The Finest Local Fish in Bursa, Turkey: Denis Tabagi Restaurant

Join David’s Been Here as they explore tastes all the websites and restaurants that are best in Bursa, Turkey. David brings us to the renowned Arap? Ükrü area, in which Deniz Tabagi Restaurant is situated. Dating back to 1952, Deniz Tabagi was fish markets for more than 60 years and one of the finest fish ….  Read More

VIDEO: Fire Caribbean Food Tour of Little Haiti

I’m taking you to a Caribbean meals tour of Little Haiti Now. This area is famous for its multicultural heritage and there’s no greater place to try Caribbean food at Miami. I’m taking you to visit three restaurants to sample Dominican Jamaican and Haitian cuisines. To start is the Cafe a Jamaican restaurant that makes ….  Read More

VIDEO: Implementing a Day of Ramadan

David’s Been Here is traveling customs, food and the sites . Within this brief movie, David takes part in the heritage of Ramadan, where he refrains from drinking and eating in sunup to sundown. As David goes throughout the afternoon experiencing what every worldwide goes through during the month of Ramadan, more difficult than you’d ….  Read More

Advantages of Traveling Solo

Solo travel is a developing trend while it wasn’t very popular previously. Many travelers are happily entering unknown areas of the planet. Being all on your own needs a means of putting things into perspective. It delivers a experience. Such encounters are powerful enough to earn a profound impact on you personally. They’re powerful enough ….  Read More