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VIDEO: Experience the Ma Du Zi Design Hotel in Bangkok

David’s Been Here is touring all of the best lodging options and best places to stay in Bangkok, Thailand. Within this short movie, David is in central Bangkok’s Asok region, in which he tours the boutique Ma Du Zi Hotel. This Thai family managed and owned resort, A luxurious stay focuses on service and hospitality ….  Read More

Portugal’s Roman Ruins

Roman ruins are a fascinating part of background. The Roman Empire mastered over a large part of modern day and was grand Europe for over a thousand decades. Sao Cucufate Roman Villa Roman Temple of Evora In Portugal, there are a number of these historical sites. Following are a few of the most memorable and ….  Read More

VIDEO: Places to See in the City of Nawabs

During my first day in the city of Nawabs Lucknow, my buddy Aishu and I met up and he took me to see in town. From Bara Imambara to the British Residency all the way to the Clock Tower. Lucknow is the capital of This state of Uttar Pradesh in India. The reason Lucknow is ….  Read More

72 Hours in Lesotho

The tiny state of Lesotho is a state that lots of folks would probably have trouble locating on a map, and for good reason. This landlocked nation, known as the Kingdom in the Sky because of its high elevation, is situated entirely within the boundaries of South Africa and is indeed small in place that ….  Read More

VIDEO: The Coconut Grove Saturday Farmers Market

It’s a beautiful Saturday here in Coconut Grove. It was founded in 1873. It culture and setting along Biscayne bay make it popular among locals and tourist alike. I’m going to show you around the Coconut Grove Saturday Farmers 14, Now. This really can be an organic vegan market that is here every Saturday, rain ….  Read More

3 Wineries You Have To See from the Povardarie Wine Region of Macedonia

Macedonia is home to a history of viticulture and hectares of vineyards spanning over 2,000 years! I had the pleasure of visiting this gorgeous country to give you the very best of what to see, do and eat. Wineries You Must See in the Povardarie Wine Region Popova Kula Also check out our Informative Article: ….  Read More

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Shanghai

For decades, I had been informed about how amazing Shanghai was. Shanghai is the most populous city in the world with over 24 million inhabitants.  It’s the busiest container port in a financial centre, the world and among China’s four direct-controlled municipalities. It’s located in the Yangtze River Delta in the east of the country. ….  Read More

6 Top Things To Do in Tokyo

Discover six of the greatest things to do by writer, Erin Bogar. Split the Boat from Asakusa to Odaiba Asakusa is also now still home to Tokyo’s oldest temple, Senso-ji. It is a district.  Nakamise Dori, the road leading up to Senso-ji, is filled with stores selling brightly colored kimonos, noren (tapestries traditionally hung at shop ….  Read More

Places to Visit on the Black Sea Coast of Bulgaria

Also referred to as the Riviera, which includes 378 km of shoreline in the Exotic seaside resorts in the north into the Marmara region of Turkey to the south, coastal Bulgaria is a sight to behold. This scenic region of the Balkans boasts an extraordinary number of attractions of the modern, ancient, and natural varieties, ….  Read More