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My Kruger National Park Wildlife Expertise

Kruger National Park is among, if not, that the wildlife reserve in Africa, a place that’s home to a tremendous range of wildlife. Kruger National Park was established in 1898 and covers nearly 2 million hectares of varied terrain, which is home to over 147 507 bird mammal, 114 reptile, 49 fish and 336 plant ….  Read More

VIDEO: The Way to Eat in Torshavn, Faroe Islands

Here we investigate the tastes of the Faroe Islands’ capital town of Torshavn. In this episode, David visits the three finest restaurants in the funds: Koks Aarstova and Etika. Our first stop is Aarstova. Situated in one of the oldest houses in Torshavn (dating back to the 1600’s), this exceptional restaurant specializes in rustic Faroese ….  Read More

72 Hours in Lesotho

The tiny state of Lesotho is a state that lots of folks would probably have trouble locating on a map, and for good reason. This landlocked nation, known as the Kingdom in the Sky because of its high elevation, is situated entirely within the boundaries of South Africa and is indeed small in place that ….  Read More

VIDEO: Turkey’s Most Hotels

David’s Been Here is in Cappadocia, Turkey, touring around all the top websites and accommodation in the area. Here David presents among the stays of the country at the Aydinli Cave Hotel. Located in Goreme, the central portion of Cappadocia, this resort is really a 5-minute walk in 15-minute drive from most major attractions and ….  Read More

3 Wineries You Have To See from the Povardarie Wine Region of Macedonia

Macedonia is home to a history of viticulture and hectares of vineyards spanning over 2,000 years! I had the pleasure of visiting this gorgeous country to give you the very best of what to see, do and eat. Wineries You Must See in the Povardarie Wine Region Popova Kula Also check out our Informative Article: ….  Read More

Nine Best Drinks in Guatemala

Trying new foods and drinks (beers, wines, and liquors) is a terrific way to find out about the gastronomy of a culture.  After 12 days traveling through Guatemala, I’ve had the opportunity to try several local beverages – some non-alcoholic and some alcoholic. The Guatemalans sure enjoy their beers and liquors! They proudly produce a ….  Read More

6 Top Things To Do in Tokyo

Discover six of the greatest things to do by writer, Erin Bogar. Split the Boat from Asakusa to Odaiba Asakusa is also now still home to Tokyo’s oldest temple, Senso-ji. It is a district.  Nakamise Dori, the road leading up to Senso-ji, is filled with stores selling brightly colored kimonos, noren (tapestries traditionally hung at shop ….  Read More

Portugal’s Roman Ruins

Roman ruins are a fascinating part of background. The Roman Empire mastered over a large part of modern day and was grand Europe for over a thousand decades. Sao Cucufate Roman Villa Roman Temple of Evora In Portugal, there are a number of these historical sites. Following are a few of the most memorable and ….  Read More

Top 10 Things

Since the eighth-largest city in Macedonia and biggest city along Lake Ohrid, Ohrid is one of the most-visited areas in the country and frequently considered the”Jerusalem of the Balkans,” because of its many churches (365 in total). Have a Boat Ride on Lake Ohrid Photograph St. Jovan of All Kaneo Monastery Things to do in ….  Read More

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Jessica Festa of Jessie on a Journey

We talk on a Journey the traveling blogger supporting Jessie, with Jessica Festa. We talk with her on how her love for traveling was sparked, the travel blogging her favourite destinations around the Earth, and a lot more! Find out where she’s headed next what things to do in her native New York City if ….  Read More