VIDEO: The Caves of Hercules at Northern Morocco

David’s Been Here transports one to Morocco at which David ventures past Tangier to find from the city. 1 stop that could not be missed was the Caves of Hercules(Les Grottes d’Hercule), a natural wonder steeped in legend. The Caves of Hercules are a favorite day trip from Tangier (just about 30 minutes by car).

VIDEO: The Caves of Hercules at Northern Morocco

David heads indoors to show us what gets the Caves of Hercules so alluring…Legend has it that this is the point the place where the titan, Hercules rested after completing his 12 feats (labors). As part of his sentence for murdering kids and his wife, Hercules had to play 12 labors for King Eurystheus, that included bringing back apples out of Zeus, also defeating a serpent, a lion. He chose this grotto After all 12 of his labors were performed.

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The Caves of Hercules are naturally shaped and manmade. Much of the inside of the cavern was created while quarrying for millstone, which left marks which are visible. The distinguishing quality of the Caves of Hercules is your opening into the ocean. David explains it seems in reverse like the continent of Africa. . If you look close enough you’ll see it.

Admission into the Caves of Hercules is 10 DH Each Individual.

It’s a day trip for nature lovers. There are a couple of cafes and shops.

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