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It is famous for its beaches and phuket is the largest island of Thailand and it’s nightlife. I will be showing you the top draws of Phuket today.

There are more than 25 temples around the island and Wat Chalong is the most famous. It is a three story temple because it houses a bone relic of the Buddha and it’s well known.

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Here we’re in the large Buddha of Phuket. This Buddha looks over Phuket and steps 45 meters in height. From the majority of Phuket the Buddha can be seen by you and as you are able to observe the complex hasn’t yet been finished. What you buy in the complicated goes towards funding this Buddha’s conclusion.

Thalang Road the most famous street in Phuket town. UNESCO World Heritage recognition was employed for by them. The street is made up of seno Portugues mansions and shop houses which have been rebuilt, re-painted and remodeled. Level their cafes, restaurants and restaurants.

Patong Beach is the most touristic beach in the island. The shore has restaurants , watersport activities and cafes. It is a beautiful beach so if in Phuket, that you have to see it!

Another beautiful shore is Surin Beach, which is a 15 minute drive north of Patong Beach. This is the best place to receive a quite lunch, and take a dip or go snorkeling.

Finally we have Bang Tao Beach, that is a more beach, much more relaxing and its less touristy. Phuket has many beaches not only these three. The western shore is more easy for swimming and the shore tends to be somewhat muddy.

We head Outside to Phang Nga Bay with Captain Mark’s Choice tours.

VIDEO: Things

We signed on for a day rate boat excursion. First stop is Ko Lao Dramatic island to visit paradise shore. A 1000 year-old bodhi tree, We visit.

We visit Koh Panyi Village. The households have been there for more than two hundred years. Finally we visit Panak Island to stop by secret lagoons, a dark cave along with a pirates cave that is haunted.

That has been everything to see and do in Phuket, Thailand! Comment below in the event you have been or want to go!