VIDEO: Things to See and Where to Eat in Burgas, Bulgaria

David takes us one of the most amazing cities in the Black Sea shore of Bulgaria, about Burgas to give us a short intro on what to see and where to eat in Burgas.

Burgas is a town. If you crave the beach or purchasing, there is something in Burgas for everybody. You ought to start your adventure in Burgas as David did — in the gorgeous seaside park. Here, David shows us a few of these sculptures and sculptures you will come across in the sculpture garden.

The seaside park is a excellent place for walking, bike riding, and picnics. The place is made very pleasant in the warm summer months by the ocean breeze. The point where the sand festival takes place, beach is.

He had been lucky enough to see that the sand sculptures After David was there. The subject in 2013 was”Famous People Throughout History.” You will find sand sculptures of Albert Einstein and his theory of relativity and other important figures in areas such as politics, music, and literature.

Into the middle of city, Burgas’ significant district, David heads Following the sand festival. Together Alexandrovska along with Bogoridi Streets that there are restaurants, cafes, ice cream stores, and shops. The city center of Burgas is pedestrian-friendly.

Because David is a history buff, he went to check out a few of the artifacts found from underneath modern-day Burgas. The museum houses a collection of historical findings in the Stone Age, Greek and Roman eras, along with Thracian civilization. David’s favorite exhibit was that the Roman tombstones.

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VIDEO: Things to See and Where to Eat in Burgas, Bulgaria

To find the best places to eat in Burgas: First stop is a restaurant that had opened when David seen. Ethno serves up an array of seafood and beef in a modern setting. He tastes a white wine in the Varna region that is nearby.

One of the greatest places in Burgas to see, and rose is just another restaurant that is wonderful and be noticed. Rose is located along the major pedestrian street (Bogoridi) in a remodeled 200-year-old house ) The menu is currently French-Mediterranean fusion cuisine. As are the daily specials salads here will be to die for.

On to the upcoming great restaurant in Burgas, Vodenitsa, that means”Windmill Restaurant.” Located from the beach, traditional cuisine that is Bulgarian is served by Vodenitsa. The wonderful pile of grilled beef you see this is a pork sac (pronounced”sach”) It is like a spoonful of beef with vegetables. Sac is traditionally served with bread and salad. David recommends creating a booking here on a night in progress which they have live music.

And there you have David’s suggestions about what to visit and where to eat from Burgas, Bulgaria.

Have you ever been to Burgas? Leave us a question or comment below about your adventure!

VIDEO: Things to See and Where to Eat in Burgas, Bulgaria