Assessing the Demilitarized Zone: My DMZ Spy Tour

Arguably one of those fascinating places in the world among travelers is the famous Korean Demilitarized Zone or DMZ. I was fortunate enough to visit with this mysterious area. The tour began in the capital town of Seoul and required us to the north reaches of South Korea, including an onsite military foundation.

What is the DMZ?

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Our visit has been organized from the Korean Tourist Organization, or KTO, who enlisted travel authors, myself included, to document and promote culture and the sites of South Korea. It was a wild and informative experience that I won’t ever forget.

The Kim Shin-jo Incident along with Police Chief Memorials

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Assessing the Demilitarized Zone: My DMZ Spy Tour

The enigmatic DMZ is a strip of property that is roughly 160 miles long and 2.5 miles wide. It runs across the boundary between South and North Korea and came into being as a result of the Korean Armistice Agreement in 1953. This arrangement caused the conclusion of the inflamed hostilities between the two throughout the Korean War. The DMZ has served as a buffer zone between North and South Korea.

Bugak Palgakjeong

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The zone is not available to the public. Inside the zone is the Joint Security Area, that is the only part of the DMZ where forces from North and South Korea stand face. There, diplomatic engagements between the 2 states happen. Military negotiations between North Korea and the United Nations Command took place there.

Assessing the Demilitarized Zone: My DMZ Spy Tour

Arrival in Paju

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The South Korean side of the DMZ Could be reached with a one-hour drive from the capital of Seoul to Town of Paju.

There, you can really get a glimpse of the most state North Korea, in the world. But seeing North Korea is just one of many fascinating things you’ll be able to do throughout your Korean DMZ spy tour. That is actually my Korean DMZ spy tour experience.

Visitors Observation Deck and Center

Assessing the Demilitarized Zone: My DMZ Spy Tour

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Back in 1968, spies Spanned into South Korea with the intention of killing the president.

Assessing the Demilitarized Zone: My DMZ Spy Tour

Their infiltration of the nation resulted at Seoul, through which 29 of the spies were murdered in a gigantic shootout. Two of the spies survived.  One escaped back to North Korea, while South Korea, captured Kim Shin-jo, the other. He snitched on his own country and became a pastor and also a TV celebrity!

On-Site Army Base

Assessing the Demilitarized Zone: My DMZ Spy Tour

My Korean DMZ spy excursion began at the site of the episode, where we learned all about the set. We followed that with a trip to the local chief of police who was on duty throughout the assassination attempt on the South Korean president’s life. He even lost his life protecting the president and is thought to be a national hero.

The DMZ Experience Zone

The third stop on our Korean DMZ spy trip has been an octagonal pavilion and monitoring deck called Bugak Palgakjeong. The deck offers spectacular views of the Bugaksan Mountain that is neighboring along with Seoul. The temperature there is remarkably cooler than some other spots across Seoul, because it’s one of the greatest points in the city.

Assessing the Demilitarized Zone: My DMZ Spy Tour

Kim Sin-jo Incident Statues

Assessing the Demilitarized Zone: My DMZ Spy Tour

From certain vantage points, Seoul almost looks modest. Do you see how expansive the town actually is, only when you fully learn more about the pavilion. On the city’s outskirts have been mountains covered in lush greenery. The opinions are so amazing and create Bugak Palgakjeong a stop on almost any Korean DMZ spy tour.

Assessing the Demilitarized Zone: My DMZ Spy Tour

After a one-hour push from Seoul, my Korean DMZ spy excursion lasted in a lush, green field of Paju. Just two-and-a-half kilometers off, separated from the Im Jin River from us and lying in plain sight, was North Korea.

It was mind boggling that people stood meters from the international boundary in the world. The thing about this was how the place looked. It didn’t look deeply guarded and seemed like a river that was normal that you could easily float or boat.

Assessing the Demilitarized Zone: My DMZ Spy Tour

The major difference I found between either side of the river is that, while the side was lush and teeming with trees and vegetation , the North Korean side seemed barren. Each of the trees were cut down and the land was flat.

Standing close to the river is a sort of visitor center that has displays and an observation deck. No Korean DMZ spy tour is complete without understanding more about the region and its history via the displays on screen. One of these stipulates a bullet train that many hope will someday become operational. This train might journey between Paris, France and the Korean peninsula, also will start service after the unification of North and South Korea!

Exhibits include a wall of photos that document each as the peninsula was divided into 2. The display allows you to follow the pros and cons of the relationship between them both.

Assessing the Demilitarized Zone: My DMZ Spy Tour

On the centre’s third level is the observation deck with windows. There is a observation deck on the fourth level that is outside. There, you can become much better views of North Korea on the opposite side of the river, particularly in case you use the big, stationary tails pointed toward the secretive nation. It seemed like a lot of property and a couple of homes.

Assessing the Demilitarized Zone: My DMZ Spy Tour

My Korean DMZ spy trip continued with a trip to a military base in the region. Past the defense line, where we passed by lots , we rode on our way! As we got close to the base, my fellow bloggers and I always needed to get our passports ready and put our cameras away.

We passed with lots of land mines and fences. We needed to hand over our passports, and then a soldier snatched our car or truck. He accompanied us to a stage where cameras have been enabled. There were many spots there where cameras were not permitted, but I was able to get a photo that is cool with two of those soldiers!

Assessing the Demilitarized Zone: My DMZ Spy Tour

We seen with a very small bunker that seems out at the DMZ. We were not permitted for clear reasons out the windows of the bunker, however, I was able to take a look. From there, our Korean DMZ spy tour lasted the southern boundary of the zone across. We passed by a area that was like a nature book, in addition to some shield articles on our way . This deck comprised a map that reveals all of the guard posts along it and the boundary.

After that, we were each given a certificate of completion that confessed that we had formally seen with the North Korea/South Korea boundary! It was a cool souvenir from my DMZ spy tour!

After getting our certificates of completion , we made our way where you are able to try a few military uniforms and hats on. You can play with some plastic toy guns. It’s a spot goof off in an site and to get some fun.

Assessing the Demilitarized Zone: My DMZ Spy Tour

The spies that were correlated with the Kim Sin-jo Incident have been immortalized in a way close to the DMZ. Close to the conclusion of my DMZ spy excursion, we arrived at a fence. The figurines show that the spies were camouflaged as South Korean soldiers. It even depicts the way their way cut through a fence to cross into the nation.

I’m a firm believer that you can not truly understand a nation or its people without needing a deep dive into its history. That’s the way you learn the way the folks got to where they are now. I walked away from my DMZ spy excursion with a greater comprehension of the conflicts that have happened between both of these states, and just how far the two have to proceed. And that I had some fun on the way. Book a visit to Seoul now to have your Korean DMZ spy excursion adventure!

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