Celebrity Travel Addict: Carlos de Varona of Chromahouse

For today’s Celebrity Travel Addicts Q&A we interview traveling friend, my friend, and cinematographer, Carlos de Varona of all Chromahouse Productions. You may recognize him from a few of my episodes (he filmed several hundred of them also has made some cameo appearances throughout the decades ). When he’s not traveling with me Here, Carlos is busy working on music videos, commercials, films, and fashion & lifestyle shoots around the globe and at home in Miami. It is a honor to get Carlos be part of this show and for one to meet with up with the person behind the camera!

Celebrity Travel Addict: Carlos de Varona of Chromahouse


How did your passion for travel get started?

Honestly, it all began with a telephone call.  While I worked an internship at a movie production company in 19, david Hoffmann known around. The mobile phone went like that:

How many days/weeks are you travel in any given calendar year? Which are the kinds of places you like to go to?

DH:”Hey man whats up, we have not talked in a while however I have been working on an idea for a travel production business and I want a videographer, would you be interested? First excursion leaves in a week and then we go to Prague, Czech Republic” CD:”Hold on let me check”…”Yep let’s do it”.

What is it that you want audiences to gain/ learn from the films and photography?

What happened is that I essentially quit my work on the place there and right then. I knew that was the ideal measure, and David had the ideal idea. Look how many folks are travel influencers. I honestly feel that we were some of the people doing this.

Name your top 3 destinations you’ve traveled:

Celebrity Travel Addict: Carlos de Varona of Chromahouse

Anyways, that kickstarted everything.  I never looked back and only got hooked on travel. It is true what they say that travel is addicting. When I return from a very long trip — that the eagerness to get out and see something new I get the identical feeling.

Celebrity Travel Addict: Carlos de Varona of Chromahouse

Give us the’Top 5′ list for one of these destinations, like a list of sorts

Back when I had been traveling with David it was non-stop. I believe we traveled in a matter of 2 years to 25 countries , all while generating a travel series.   Occasionally we’d devote a couple of weeks at a destination. That is when I learned what travel was all about. We n’t simply jumped from place to place to mention we’ve been there we were actually immersing ourselves and learning.

How many nations have you seen up to now?

I get in a excursion or two annually although my travel has never been as frequent. Usually to a location that is challenging to traveling to.

Celebrity Travel Addict: Carlos de Varona of Chromahouse

Your top three favourite restaurants?

Video and photography are powerful mediums and I think we are currently unlocking their capacity to inspire others. I’d love to think I am motivating a viewer to understand things differently or at least opening a window of perception for them. Its all about connection. I am only trying to connect within my job with people.

Favorite restaurant on the planet?


Favorite hotel in the world?

South Africa

Your favorite travel movie?’

Meteora, Greece

Celebrity Travel Addict: Carlos de Varona of Chromahouse

Favourite international airport?

Here it goes, although it is really hard to generate a top 5 list for Spain.

City with the most friendly people?

Somewhere between 33 and 31. I want to create the list.

Your favorite?

Peruvian, Spanish, Balkan

Finest way you kill time?

I would have to say that that one of my favorite restaurants is Antica Pesa in Rome, Italy. Not just any Italian restaurant. This really can be Roman Cuisine.

What is the most exotic location you have been taken by your career?

Since I have stayed at dozens that is a difficult one. I would have to mention some of the greatest hotels I have stayed in were all in South Africa. 1 hotel could the Tintswalo Atlantic in Houts Bay, Cape Town, South Africa.

Celebrity Travel Addict: Carlos de Varona of Chromahouse

Your very best bit of travel tips for someone who is about to embark on a lifetime of cinematography or travel photography?

Docs and 180 Degrees South travel. Oh and those we create, obviously!

What are 4 things you may never travel without?

MAD (Madrid Barajas)

What’s something exciting, scary or funny that’s happened to you while traveling?

We always have a good knowledge from the Balkans. Theyfeed you, and’ll take you anywhere. Never a dull moment.

What is your ultimate dream destination?

Man, I gotta say David Hoffmann!

6am you are going to have a knock on your door and sure enough, it is David.

Your travel quote?

Being outside. Even when there’s downtime, I am definitely not the kind to see TV. I think when we were still making our way into Pamplona, Spain in 2010, the last time that a TV was on in my hotel room was, and we learned that the facts. David running with the bulls only a day prior was being filmed by me.

Where to next?

That would have to be somewhere like Meknes, Morocco. Seeing the glow was unbelievable. Vall de Nuria in Spain bordering the Pyrenees mountains has been quite notable.

Celebrity Travel Addict: Carlos de Varona of Chromahouse

Limit the amount of bags you require. Last thing you need is for the bags. Stay never shed sight of your camera gear, and compact.

There has been lots of stories that are funny and scary. The last one was in Peru. Before visiting Machu Picchu A buddy of mine got food poisoning at the Sacred Valley two days and we all were hoping he’d pull through. Let us just say that between his fevers and the elevation, he had been in very bad shape but insisted on climbing Machu Picchu Mountain the morning of our trip. I met him at the line before everybody was allowed into hike up the nearly hour and a half hike on the surface and there that he was, sweating profusely with two empty bottles of water in his hands.

Before starting the hike he drank his water. We tried our very best to stick with him , but at one stage he advised us to proceed that he was going to turn back, because he looked like he was going to pass out, which honestly was mad in itself.  Some tourist stopped by and gave my friend a can of atmosphere, and at the point I watched him move back down the stairs. The rest of us took photos at the top and relaxed continued ahead, and then began making our way down because the mountain closed. Who do we see? Michael. The man that said that he was going to turn back.  He made it just in time for them to shut the mountain and have to walk all the way!  He did, although I dont understand it was created by that man. Incredible.

Celebrity Travel Addict: Carlos de Varona of Chromahouse

I am pretty hooked on becoming to Namibia and leasing a 4×4 to drive all around the country. This and Mongolia.

Celebrity Travel Addict: Carlos de Varona of Chromahouse

Not just a travel quote but here is my favorite quote:”Once in awhile you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right”. I think that goes to say that if you see a chance, do it. Keep an open mind.

In about 2 Months I go on to Santa and Montezuma Teresa in Costa Rica to Get Chromahouse and davidsbeenhere.com

Carlos de Varona is founder and a Filmmaker of Chromahouse a full-service video production company. Follow Carlos on Instagram.

Celebrity Travel Addict: Carlos de Varona of Chromahouse