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With Jewels Rhode, a world traveler in New York who records her adventures, we speak Within this edition of Celebrity Travel Addicts. We chat with Jewels concerning how the media misrepresentation of a country played a part in igniting her love of traveling, why traveling equals wellbeing for her, and the things! Check the items out and figure out where she’s headed!

How did your passion for traveling begin?

When I studied abroad my junior year in Durban, South Africa, my enthusiasm for traveling began. It was really my first flight. Prior to studying in South Africa, a lot of people advised me against it because they felt it was dangerous. Despite the help of others, I went and I loved it! I saw the stark difference between African nations were being portrayed in press versus my expertise in life. South Africa is a lively nation with a rich history. Not to say that violence and poverty do not occur there, however, the country does not have to be defined by this story. That trip sparked a desire for me to go see the entire world for myself and struggle misrepresentations.

Just how many days/weeks are you currently travel in any given year? Which are the sorts of places you like to visit?

I travel at least 6 weeks out of the year. I love to travel both within the USA and abroad. I am open to visiting all places, but I tend to gravitate towards visiting states with picturesque landscapes or intriguing architecture and history.

You conduct travelJewels was called by a travel site. Would you please inform us about the inspiration for this? What makes travelJewels stand out in another travel content on the market?

TravelJewels is a play on my name but also signifies my blog’s purpose: to supply stones of knowledge to assist individuals live their lives that are fullest throughout traveling and wellness. TravelJewels stands out of lots of traveling because it’s authentic, content on the market. I am not filtering my photos to distort its essence. A whole lot of traveling accounts feel laborious and laborious, my accounts is more realistic.

You have said in the past that, for you, wellness is equaled by travel. What do you mean by that?

On a normal day, I juggling a lot of tasks and considering my next move. I’m not able to do it. But when I travel, I am out of my daily hustle also it allows me to become more mindful and enjoy the instant. The folks have while traveling my soul and all fuel my body.

You Are from New York City.

What makes NYC such a travel destination? What do you suggest when they visit, people do there?

NYC is a terrific travel destination since there’s something for every sort of person. It is tough to prescribe without even being aware of what the individual is interested in, things to do. But at the least, everyone who visits NYC and NYC should do the following:

I want people to know that you don’t have to quit your job to travel across around the whole world. You can earn traveling work for you right where you’re. That I want them to be motivated to see all the planet, try new things, and feel confident in using their newly acquired insight into plan their own adventures If folks read my website. In addition, I want people to drift meditating, knowing how to incorporate more wellness into their life — whether that is trying a yoga class for the first time, or seeking therapy.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Jewels Rhode of All travelJewels

What do you want audiences learn and to get from your work?

1) South Africa 2) Peru  3) Morocco

Which are?

 Cape Town, South Africa

Give us your’Top 5′ list for a few of your best 3 destinations. Just like some to-do listing of sorts or a mini-guide. It may be anything in your favourite resort, the ideal spot to have lunch, the ideal holiday season, etc..


How many nations have you visited up to now?


Which are your top 3 favourite perfumes?

32 countries and counting!

What’s your favourite restaurant in the world? What dish do you advocate?

Italian, Moroccan, Brazilian

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Jewels Rhode of All travelJewels

What’s your favourite traveling movie?

Senses in Warsaw!

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Jewels Rhode of All travelJewels

It had been my dining experience. Your five senses are appealed to by all of the classes.

What’s your global airport?

Eat, Pray, Love

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Jewels Rhode of All travelJewels

Which city had the friendliest people?

Singapore Changi Airport.

It is amazing, feels very futuristic, and there is a great deal to do in the airport.

Who’s your favourite traveling companion?

It’s a tie between Bali, Peru, & Uzbekistan.

What’s the best method to kill time?

This can be a trick question haha. I am blessed to have a good group of friends who share my love for traveling whom I travel with often. I’d say my friend Fiona is my favourite travel companion since she’s my”let’s reserve it” friend. She’s always down for an adventure a flight on short notice, and we’ve got similar travel fashions.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Jewels Rhode of All travelJewels

What’s the most exotic place your livelihood has taken you?

Journaling is one of my hobbies, but also a wonderful way to kill some time whilst traveling. It is a fantastic method and it’s always enjoyable to read on.

What’s your bit?

Uzbekistan for the World Influencers Congress

What are 4 things you can never travel without?

My advice for a person who wishes to embark on a life of traveling is to prevent over-planning. Possessing a loose itinerary is pretty fine, but leave room for spontaneity. Some of my most memorable travel moments were unplanned. Also, try at least one new thing in each destination!

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Jewels Rhode of All travelJewels

What’s your ultimate dream destination?

1) Packing Cubes — The Key for me Having Been a light packer

What’s your favourite traveling quotation?

2) A Pen- It’s usually always Desired to Complete custom forms

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Jewels Rhode of All travelJewels

Where are you headed?

3) My Epi-Pen – Life-saving medication


4) Cross-body Satchel- the most convenient and most powerful way to guard myself by pickpockets and burglars.

Japan for Cherry Blossom season!

“Traveling is not always fairly. It is comfortable. At times it hurts, it breaks your heart. But that is fine. You are changed by the journey; you should be changed by it. It leaves marks on your memory, on your body, on your own heart, and on your own consciousness. You take something. Hopefully, you will still leave something good behind.” — Anthony Bourdain

I’m going to Ghana in December.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Jewels Rhode of All travelJewels

Jewels Rhode is the creator and content founder of travelJewels, a website dedicated to helping individuals live full and intentional lives throughout traveling and wellness. TravelJewels equips individuals with the resources to journey deeper, smarter, and more healthy. Into 32 nations, Jewels has traveled since 2010 becoming a student or while either working full time. She articulates the globe to learn more about individuals and states’ reality.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Jewels Rhode of All travelJewels

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Celebrity Travel Addicts: Jewels Rhode of All travelJewels