My Kruger National Park Wildlife Expertise

Kruger National Park is among, if not, that the wildlife reserve in Africa, a place that’s home to a tremendous range of wildlife. Kruger National Park was established in 1898 and covers nearly 2 million hectares of varied terrain, which is home to over 147 507 bird mammal, 114 reptile, 49 fish and 336 plant ….  Read More

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Portugal’s Roman Ruins

Roman ruins are a fascinating part of background. The Roman Empire mastered over a large part of modern day and was grand Europe for over a thousand decades. Sao Cucufate Roman Villa Roman Temple of Evora In Portugal, there are a number of these historical sites. Following are a few of the most memorable and ….  Read More

VIDEO: Places to See in the City of Nawabs

During my first day in the city of Nawabs Lucknow, my buddy Aishu and I met up and he took me to see in town. From Bara Imambara to the British Residency all the way to the Clock Tower. Lucknow is the capital of This state of Uttar Pradesh in India. The reason Lucknow is ….  Read More

VIDEO: Must Visit Sites of Moldova: The Stunning Monastery of C?priana

David’s Been Here is traveling around Moldova in search of the attractions and must visit websites of the country. Combine David in C?priana’s village at which he visits the monastery in the country. Built in 1429 by King St. Steven the Great, this stunning monastery is abundant in both architectural and interior design, as well ….  Read More

VIDEO: The Way to Eat in Torshavn, Faroe Islands

Here we investigate the tastes of the Faroe Islands’ capital town of Torshavn. In this episode, David visits the three finest restaurants in the funds: Koks Aarstova and Etika. Our first stop is Aarstova. Situated in one of the oldest houses in Torshavn (dating back to the 1600’s), this exceptional restaurant specializes in rustic Faroese ….  Read More

Top 10 Things

Named a World Heritage City in 1986, Évora, Portugal stands as a blend of cultures, empires and architecture. It was inhabited by the Romans, Moors and Celts, among several other peoples, and dates back more than two millennia. Where to Eat Praça do Giraldo Évora is located south of the Tagus River in Portugal’s Alentejo ….  Read More

What to See and Eat in Coimbra, Portugal

Coimbra is an charismatic Portuguese city located approximately 128 miles (205 km) north of Lisbon in the Centro region of Portugal. Coimbra and its neighboring cities were occupied by many societies within the years. Celts, Romans, Barbarians, Moors, and Spanish each settled earlier King Afonso Henriques in Coimbra established Portugal as an independent realm in ….  Read More

Best Food and Culture Experiences in Malta

Any trip’s attractiveness lies in visiting the local tradition! From temples, into beaches Malta boasts various attractions to keep you busy throughout your journey. Learn Maltese Language Principles Don’t forget to check out JetSet LifeStyle Blog! Celebrations in Malta Tourists from far and wide selection to have the rich heritage of the country. The civilization of ….  Read More

72 Hours in Lesotho

The tiny state of Lesotho is a state that lots of folks would probably have trouble locating on a map, and for good reason. This landlocked nation, known as the Kingdom in the Sky because of its high elevation, is situated entirely within the boundaries of South Africa and is indeed small in place that ….  Read More